Visit Schedule

schedule calendar

BY LAW you must be seen your physician weekly during the first month of treatment.
BY LAW, you must see your physician every two weeks during your second month of treatment. 2nd Chance will serve clients equally regardless of race, color, religion or national origin.

Counseling and case management may be required up to once per week depending on your diagnosis. Your multidisciplinary team of providers will make the determination once you have seen each provider.

Note: If at any point your UDS is non-compliant (meaning you test positive for other illicit or scheduled drugs) it will be considered a relapse. After a relapse you are required to come in weekly for at least 4 weeks following the relapse. Your UDS must be compliant for that 4 weeks and then your doctor may determine if you may return to your regular schedule.

Don’t forget these items when coming to your appointment!

  • Valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, passport card)
  • Insurance Card
  • Payment *

* You may have a fee for services, co-payments and/or medication at the pharmacy.

Urine Drug Screen

schedule drug screen

You will need to submit a urine drug screen up to 4 times per month. DO NOT urinate prior to your visit. Doctors will not see patients without reviewing UDS results, so delayed urination can increase the time of your overall visit. The UDS is collected by Millennium Labs which will be billed to your insurance separately from our services. All UDS collection must be viewed by a trained collector per substance abuse guidelines.

Note: ALL samples are tested on-site to ensure that they have not been diluted, substituted, or tampered with in any fashion. If a sample is rejected for these reasons, you will be called back in to provide another sample for testing. If the issue continues, you may be dismissed from the clinic for tampering with your samples.


2nd Chance does not accept Medicare.

2nd Chance will accept patients with Medicaid insurance, commercial insurance and patients without insurance. However, we do not bill commercial insurance and doctor’s visits must be paid with a money order or cashiers check (we DO NOT accept cash).

For additional questions, please call 859-368-8820.

Initial Visit and Induction

Typically the initial visit is usually the longest and can last about 3 to 6 hours. Plan to arrive 1 hour before your appointment to complete all paperwork and labs.

If you are taking opioids, stop ALL opioids 2 days prior to your clinic appointment. You need to be in the early stages of withdrawal to be seen and have medication prescribed.

If you are currently taking methadone you must adhere to the following guidelines to minimize the onset of withdrawal:

  • Methadone dose must be equal or less than 30 mg per day, recommendations advise maintaining this dose for at least 1 week, and stop the methadone at least one week prior to your clinic appointment.
  • Failure to comply with the above may result in serious precipitation of withdrawals(i.e. severe dope sickness).
  • Patients may be required to participate in induction*, it is up to the provider’s discretion.
    *Induction is simply the process of administering the medication to you in the office and educating you on how you will be taking your medication (more specific information may be found below). Because of this, you need to arrange for a designated driver for your first visit until we see how the buprenorphine will affect your ability to drive. You will be required to go to a local pharmacy to fill a portion of your prescription and bring your medication back to the clinic for administration (you will need cash to pay for this). Take the medication as described by your doctor and he or she will monitor your vital signs and see how you tolerate the medication. This process takes approximately 60 minutes to 3 hours so that we have confirmation that you know how to properly take your medication and that you do not develop side effects or have complications.

Next Visit

For your next visit we ask that you follow these directions:

  • Arrive on time as instructed.
  • IMMEDIATELY check-in with counseling side.
  • Have a seat in waiting area for your name to be called for your drug screen.
  • After your drug screen is completed and counseling session is completed, return to medical waiting room and wait for your turn to see the doctor.
  • We ask that you follow these directions so that the patient flow is as smooth as possible.