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Individual Substance Use Counseling in Lexington

Substance use disorder (SUD) stems from issues beyond physical dependence. Our multidisciplinary team will help clients 1 on 1 learn how to cope with stress, triggers, and psychosocial development. At 2nd Chance Clinic in Lexington, KY, treatment plans are individually customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

Entering recovery often brings a host of new emotions and stress. That is why many people find it difficult to start their recovery on their own. A successful treatment plan combines professionals and peers to create a network of accountability and support. 

Individual counseling helps clients reveal unhealthy behavior and thought patterns that precede a relapse into addiction. With your counselor, you will develop coping and life skills that will support you on your journey into sobriety. 

Individual counseling also gives clients an outlet to discuss and process fears, emotions, and trauma. Many people abuse drugs and alcohol to “numb” their feelings. Successful recovery starts with learning how to process emotions in a healthy manner. This is where our addiction and mental health experts come in to play.

Custom Addiction Treatment Plans

At 2nd Chance Clinic, we believe every client has a unique situation. No substance use disorder is exactly the same. That is why our physicians and case management team work diligently with our clients to develop a custom treatment plan that will produce the highest probability of success. We rely on evidence-based addiction research and proven methods to support our clients. 

Individual counseling is commonly combined with group counseling and medication-assisted treatment. These treatment methods have proven to increase the likelihood of 12-month sobriety. Though successful recovery requires significant participation from our clients, we provide all of the tools necessary to make recovery possible. Individual counseling enables our clients to discuss their individual needs with staff.

What Is Individual Counseling Like?

Counselors will help you analyze the cost and benefits of change and help you develop plans and goals for your life and recovery. Counselors will also act as your personal advocate – celebrating your milestones in recovery with you. Counselors may also assign “homework,” such as journaling or books to read. Our counselors are certified addiction specialists that can help you develop a new perspective on life and your behaviors, which initiates change.

Some people are nervous to start counseling and discussing their life with a stranger. This is completely normal, and as time progresses, most clients begin to see the value. You will develop a level of trust with your counselor as you get to know them and find that they truly are invested in your success. Addiction counselors are experts on addiction and deeply understand the struggles that come with your recovery. Most clients find counseling to become quite enjoyable and a critical part of their recovery. 

How Do I Start?

2nd Chance Clinic accepts walk-in appointments 8am-10am, Monday-Friday. We also accept phone calls 24 hours a day. To start, you will first meet with a physician, who will determine your diagnosis. You will then meet with a case management team to start to develop your treatment plan and schedule. Check our Q&A page to learn more about our clinic!

Commonly Abused Opiates:

  • Percocet​
  • Hydrocodone​
  • Oxycodone​
  • Morphine​
  • Codeine​
  • Fentanyl​
  • Heroin​​