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Group Substance Use Counseling in Lexington

Group counseling has been proven to be highly valuable and effective for patients overcoming addiction. At 2nd Chance Clinic, we combine group counseling with other treatment methods, such as individual counseling, MAT, and support. This combination gives an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment. 

Group meetings will be held on a weekly basis, or as recommended by the provider, with a variety of topics including relapse prevention, chemical dependency, parenting, domestic violence, anger management, and more. In groups, you will find people struggling with cravings and old behavior patterns just like yourself. Lead by the counselor, everyone can contribute to the discussion about how to best avoid triggers and stay on the path to sobriety.

Many people in recovery describe group meetings and support as critical to their recovery. No matter what obstacles come up in recovery, other groups members and counselors can help you process your emotions and overcome challenges. Having a support group of peers in recovery gives you easy access to people with life experiences similar to yours. They can provide insights in how they overcame their problems and help you along your journey.

Not only will group members help you work through current obstacles, but they may also challenge old thought patterns or behaviors, which will provide supportive accountability.

A Judgement-Free Environment

It can sometimes be difficult to discuss your addiction with friends and family. Group counseling sessions give you a safe environment to express your fears and emotions with other people who understand. Group sessions also have a strict rule of confidentiality.

Feelings of Purpose and Stability

As you progress to the next stages in your treatment program, you will naturally find your footing. You may find yourself in a position to offer guidance and suggestions to other group members. When you start giving back to the group, it is common to find feelings of purpose and responsibility. This responsibility can help you stay on the path to recovery.

Learn More About Group Counseling in Lexington

If you’d like to learn more about our treatment program at 2nd Chance Clinic, please give us a call. We can explain our treatment process and how you can get started. We do not have a one-size-fits-all program for addiction treatment. Our physicians and addiction counselors will work with you to help you determine a treatment program that is right for you. Our caring staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have – 24 hours a day!

Commonly Abused Opiates:

  • Percocet​
  • Hydrocodone​
  • Oxycodone​
  • Morphine​
  • Codeine​
  • Fentanyl​
  • Heroin​​