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How To Recognize Signs Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is more prevalent than many people realize. This disease doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone in Lexington & Somerset, KY. However, many addicts don’t recognize they have a problem until it gets out of hand. Here are the warning signs of alcoholism that everyone needs to know:

Lingering Smell of Alcohol

If someone has a drink at a party, the familiar scent of alcohol stays on their breath for a few hours. After they brush their teeth or eat solid food, it dissipates. However, this smell tends to linger on alcoholics. Many heavy drinkers forego food for another drink, and some even forget to bathe regularly or wear clean clothes.

Drink Large Amounts without Control

There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks on occasion. Those who don’t struggle with addiction can walk away from the bar without any problem. Alcoholics, on the other hand, constantly drink large quantities and lose control of the situation. Some develop alcohol dependence and can’t go a single day without a drink. They may even consume alcohol at inappropriate times, such as while at work.

Isolating from Others

Humans are social beings, and many opt to socialize during happy hour. However, alcoholics often isolate themselves from others. They may avoid their closest friends and family members. Instead of enjoying a round of karaoke at the bar, they choose to drink alone. Some do this out of embarrassment, and others do it because of alcohol-induced anxiety or depression.

Extreme Mood Swings

Alcoholism often causes uncontrollable mood swings. There is a reason why the term “angry drunk” is so common. An otherwise happy-go-lucky individual may become suddenly irritable at the drop of a hat. There is an undeniable correlation between alcohol use and violent crime. Professional alcohol addiction treatment can help addicts get their life back on track before they end up with a criminal record.

Unexplained Memory Loss

Drinking large amounts of alcohol affects a person’s brain. Difficulty walking and slurred speech are common reactions. However, some people experience blackouts, a form of temporary memory loss. During a blackout, an alcoholic may participate in dangerous or illegal activities. Unfortunately, many never regain memories of these events. Blackouts are more common when someone drinks in excess or on an empty stomach.

Experiences Withdrawal Symptoms

For most people, a hangover is the worst thing after a night of partying. However, a heavy drinker may go through alcohol withdrawal between drinks. Symptoms include shakiness, sweating, nausea, and headaches. Some may even experience an elevated heart rate, nervousness, or panic attacks. To alleviate these uncomfortable sensations, many addicts simply pour another drink.

Reclaim Your Life with Evidence-Based Treatment

Opened in 2012, 2nd Chance Clinic exists to provide support and much-needed services to those affected by substance abuse. We rely on evidence-based treatment to help patients learn how to cope with and overcome addiction. Our dedicated doctors and counselors offer a range of in-patient and out-patient services customized to the needs of every individual we treat.

Alcoholism and addiction can strike anyone at any time, but there’s no reason to struggle alone. Taking control of the situation is the best way to get your life back on track. Let today be your first step towards sobriety.