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Who Should Consider A Recovery Program?

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Anytime someone is struggling with an addiction or a substance use disorder, it may be time to consider a recovery program. Continuing to use alcohol or drugs can result in long-term consequences, including worsening relationships, medical problems, and even fatal overdoses.

Recovery programs can provide you with the treatment you need to overcome the addiction and adopt healthier habits.

What Are the Signs that I Need A Recovery Program?

If your substance use begins to show signs of impacting your life, it is probably time to consider a recovery program. Common symptoms of substance abuse include:

Declining Health

Substance abuse may result in declining physical and mental health. Physical health problems may include frequent intoxication, hangovers, and illness. People with a substance use disorder may neglect their health, develop shakiness of the limbs, or exhibit a loss of energy or motivation.

Mental health problems may also become evident. These can include performing risky behaviors when intoxicated, increased depression and anxiety, and even psychosis.

Using Excess Amounts to Get the Same Effects

Those who have a substance use disorder may need to use more to feel the same effects. Perhaps they used to drink two glasses of wine in the evening for relaxation, but they now need six glasses to feel the same sensation. This is known as alcohol dependence, and it will continue to spiral until they seek treatment.

Substance Use Is Causing Problems in Your Life

If you find yourself unable to keep up with other areas of your life due to substance use, including work and relationships, you may have a problem. Substance use disorder and addiction can often cause work-related issues, such as poor performance and missing many days at work.

Relationships may also take a plunge. Family members may become distressed if you are consistently under the influence, and relationships with your significant other or children may become more strained.

Financial Issues

Addiction can cause financial issues. Most addictive substances are expensive, and the cost of alcohol to fuel an addiction can add up quickly. You may find yourself unable to meet the basic costs of living, such as your rent or monthly food bills.

If you see yourself in any of these symptoms and you’re ready to start anew, it’s time to seek assistance at an addiction treatment center.

How Can an Addiction Treatment Center Help?

Recovery programs are designed to help those with substance use disorders get the assistance they need to break free from addiction and adopt new habits. These programs provide the medical support needed for detoxification, as well as intensive therapy designed to help people face their problems and develop healthier habits.

Recovery Programs at 2nd Chance Clinic

2nd Chance Clinic offers customized treatment plans for those suffering from a substance use disorder. We offer medications, psychotherapy (both individual and group therapy), case management, and peer support to serve patients in the Lexington and Somerset areas of Kentucky.

To learn more about our recovery programs and take the first step toward reclaiming your life, contact us today.